Land of Ice and Fire

When you say you're going to Iceland in winter, the response is usually 'Oh cool, but why now?'. Well, this was my second trip over there. I took the first one in summer, during the main tourist season and I was a little bit desperate because of the large number of people everywhere. The sun was also shining sharply for whole days, which might be nice at some point but not so much when you're a photographer. In Iceland - that, in my opinion, just somehow looks better in moody weather. 
This time, however, this land treated my eyes nicely. Pretty clouds, wind that makes your hair fly, wild ocean waves, milky fog, tender rays of sunshine... Got it all! Can't wait for the next time.


Winter is one of my three favorite seasons (sorry, summer).  I love to breathe in the icy cold air, it makes me calm for some reason. Everything becomes so quiet, peaceful and glittering white that I have to smile even when things aren't so bright. :)