Jara V.

When you get to shoot an artistic soul, it’s usually a lot of fun because their visual sense of the world can be somewhat different. Like seeing beauty in places others would avoid from distance. Which makes you open your mind a little bit and that’s always a good thing to do.
This young musician is one of these people and, moreover, he’s passionate about what he does, which is more important than it might seem. I’m curious about what the future has in store for him.

Boardstar 2017

One of my favourite projects that I've been working on since autumn is this collab with Boardstar.cz, one of the biggest fashion shops with streetwear in CZ, and my second family Digital Ant. The whole thing growns slowly but certainly into some kind of our (not only) visual baby. Here's a selection of some (so hard to choose between them) of my personal favorites of 2017. Enjoy! :) 
You can check out more photos on Instagram (my monopoly, yay!) or Facebook (not a whole yay, but still a lot of pics by me!).

And as a bonus... I even did a short cover video.