T & J & R: At Home Family Session

Trudy asked me to take a few shots of her, her son Jack and also her dad Roberto who came to visit. I was excited by the idea of shooting three generations together, because that's always kind of special.  What I like about home sessions is how chill they are, no pressure to do anything or look a certain way. Just enjoy the time with your loved ones.  And if you can also dance in the rain, nothing is best!

M & L: Hong Kong Meets Prague

This was, hands down, one of the most extraordinary weddings I've been to. It connected two different cultures - Lukáš is Czech and Mandy is from Hong Kong (...and to add some more fun, the evening was kind of Scottish). The day was traditional and classy, including the Chinese tea ceremony, which honors the family. However, everything was set in a pretty relaxed atmosphere with a space for everyone to enjoy the couple's big day. And again, there it was: the proof that you don't need to know the language to have a converstation. Despite the different traditions and customs, we are all the same. 

L & M: Chateau Wedding

These two lovebirds tied the knot in the garden of a little chateau in the cottage. People say that when it's raining on the wedding day, it's a lucky sign. I realized that at some point it was raining on most weddings I've ever been to, so I think there has to be something truthful about it! During this ceremony, weather was quite playful. The sun was shining at one moment and seconds later, umbrellas were needed.  Happiness falling from the sky. :)

I'm always happy to see when two kind souls find each other and manage to walk together through obstacles for years right up to this point. In cases like this one, to hear "I do" will never get ordinary because you know it does mean something.